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Bonnie Blair Founder Bonnie Blair Charitable Fund and Motivational Speaker


Bonnie Blair Founder Bonnie Blair Charitable Fund and Motivational Speaker, B L A I R BY LAUREN SOTEZ * Bonnie Blair was the first woman to win gold medals in 2 consecutive Winter Olympics. *She was raised in Cornwall, NY and born March 18, 1964. *She skated in races since she was young like her other siblings. She is the youngest of her 6 siblings. *I selected this athlete because of her wonderful achievements she has made for our country. *She is a great influence to women on believing in themselves and achieving.

I learned that you can make big achievements like Bonnie did in her world record breaking and making it into the Olympics. *She influences us because she became a motivational speaker and founded the Bonnie Blair Charitable Fund. *In 1996, she also published a book called: A Winning Edge, about how she led up to her achievments and how she had to sacrifce and make decisions in order to get there. She retired from speed skating in 1995, after again breaking the 500m world record. Because of her Olympic success, she was . granted many endorsements. * She went into the Olympics at age 19.

* She is a motivational speaker too and inspires women to never give up. * Was the first American to win six gold medals in Winter Olympics Games. * She set a world record and captured her first Olympic gold in the 500 meters. * She won a gold medal in the 500m in the 1992 Winter Olympics, the first time an American woman won gold medals in two consecutive Winter Olympics. *Bonnie began skating when she was 2 years old. *Right after high school, she joined the national speed skating team.

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