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BMW I8 2014


BMW I8 2014, It’s not all unfinished hotel rooms and unconventional toilet situations at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. During the broadcast of the opening ceremony tonight, BMW is going to introduce the American TV audience to its plug-in i brand of vehicles. Of course, since we have things like Twitter and YouTube (which the Russian hosts might not be too happy about),

BMW is going all-in on its Olympics ads, saying the campaign is the company’s “largest media investment of the year.” The first ad, called Hello Future, sets the words of science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke to an array of futuristic cityscape visuals before flashing the i8 onto the screen. Two other spots – called SHHH and Sightings – will also debut during the Games.

Those have not yet been placed online, but BMW says that Sightings is about people “trying to describe something they have never seen before; something remarkable and other-worldly” (i.e., the plug-in i8). SHHH, on the other hand, is a short romance, about a “boy who sneaks out in his dad’s quiet and all-electric BMW i3 as he tries to impress his dream-girl with the ultimate joyride. In the end, the joyride helps him win the girl.” There’s a twist, of course, which you can read about in the press release below or just wait until it appears on screen, trying to break through the banal advertising landscape, over the next few weeks.

BMW has other connections to the Sochi Olympics as well, including designing the two-man bobsled used by the US Olympic team. There’s a contest running regarding that project over on BMWTimeTracker.

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