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Belle Knox Duke University


Belle Knox Duke University, The Duke University porn star has revealed her porn star name as Belle Knox. Facebook The Duke University student who has been both hailed and vilified across the Internet for working as a porn star to pay her tuition publicly revealed her porn star name Wednesday as Belle Knox. Knox, which is not her real name, made the decision after a male Duke classmate learned of her secret and revealed it on campus. Knox wanted to counteract the hateful messages she’s received since she wrote about her secret life on the Internet.

In a post titled “I’m Finally Revealing My Name And Face As The Duke Porn Star” for the female lifestyle website, the 18-year-old said among the questions she’s received from a prior piece is why she hides behind her porn star name if she is proud of being an adult performer.

“Because the bullies of the world — starting with that young Duke man who broke his promise to me — do not dictate my life,” she responded. “Because my decision to do porn does not somehow mean that the world now ‘owns’ or deserves access to every single thing about me and every choice I make.”

Knox said her original post led to bullying and vitriol such as “she deserves to get raped” and “her nose is bigger than her t—.” She said the comments were added with demands that she use her real name in porn.

“The Internet does not dictate my life. My sexuality is not some sort of blackmail to be used against me, granting you ownership over my life or my story. It is my life. It is my story,” the Duke porn star said. “So I’m refusing to let the bullies win. Instead, in revealing my performer name, I’m also going to let you know exactly the level of hate that exists in America regarding women who refuse to be quiet about their sexuality.”

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