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Bachelor Finale 2014


Bachelor Finale 2014, “The Bachelor” Season 18 (2014) Finale is only a week away. “The Bachelor” 2014 lead Juan Pablo is very close to reveal his final decision and make a choice amongst the two finalists- Clare Crawley and Nikki Ferrell- to be his wife, love and mother to his 5-year-old daughter Camila. Here is everything you need to know about the “The Bachelor” Season 18 (2014) Finale episode (11) including airdate and spoilers.

Warning: Spoiler Alert! This article contains major spoilers from ‘The Bachelor’ Season 18 (2014) Finale Episode (11). Read only if you want to know more about the episode before its broadcast.

Things to Know About ‘The Bachelor’ Season 18 (2014) Finale Episode (11)

ABC recently revealed details about the “The Bachelor” Season 18 (2014) finale. According to the Wetpaint spoilers report, the finale episode of Juan Pablo Galavis season will be three hours segment that is scheduled to air on Monday, March 10 at 8:00 PM (to 10:00PM) ET on ABC Television Network. The first two hours will be dedicated to the finale episode which will be followed by “After the Final Rose” special. The answers to the burning questions will surface. Fans will learn: “Is Juan Pablo here for the right reasons? What will happen as the final two women spend the entire day with the Bachelor’s family? Will his family approve of either woman? Will Juan Pablo end up an engaged man or remain a Bachelor?”

The live action will take place in front of America and live audience in studio which includes host Chris Harrison and “The Bachelor” Season 18 (2014) contestants like Chelsie, Kat, Sharleen, Renee Oteri and Kelly Travis. Joining the party for the “After the Final Rose” special in the studio will be the stars from the previous season and newly wedded couple, Sean Lowe and Catherine Lowe. Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried will also be there in the studio on the day of finale.

More Highlights from ‘The Bachelor’ Season 18 (2014) Finale (Episode 11)

The finale episode of “The Bachelor” 2014 will take place in St. Lucia. Herein, Juan Pablo and the final two girls Clare Crawley and Nikki Ferrell will be joined by JPG’s family including his cousin Rodolfo. All of them interact with the two finalists. While Nikki Ferrell is already acquainted with Juan Pablo’s family, it will be the first time when Clare Crawley will meet his family.

Recently, a sneak peek preview was released promoting “The Bachelor” Season 18 (2014) Finale (Episode 11) which hints tears, heartbreak and doubts for the final two ladies.

The finale promo also teases a “shocking” conclusion to the series. Is this an indication towards an ending without a proposal as predicted by Reality Steve, previously?

In its spoilers report for “The Bachelor” Season 18 (2014) finale, Examiner noted that one of the show’s producers, Robert Mills teased “jaw dropping” March 10, 2014 episode. Robert Mills wrote on his Twitter account: “Seriously next week will leave jaws on the floor and that’s BEFORE the LIVE AFR #TheBachelor.”

For more, host Chris Harrison has teased in his Entertainment Weekly blog that the finale is “only going to get wilder.”

“This will be a night of live TV you absolutely don’t want to miss,” host Chris Harrison wrote about “The Bachelor” Season 18 (2014) Finale.

‘The Bachelor’ Season 18 (2014) Finalists

After Andi Dorfman quit the show, the two remaining contestants Nikki Ferrell and Clare Crawley became the finalists of the series about to come to an end.

Clare Crawley is a 32-year-old hairstylist from Sacramento, California. She works at a salon called Mecca as reported by Wetpaint. She is skilled in men’s hair and coloring.

Nikki Ferrell is 26-year-old pediatric nurse from Kearney, Missouri. She is also a part time model.

Who amongst these two finalists- Clare Crawley and Nikki Ferrell- is most suited for Juan Pablo? Are you excited for “The Bachelor” Season 18 (2014) Finale Episode (11)?

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