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Arrest For Saying Santa’s Not Real


Arrest For Saying Santa’s Not Real, Children attending Saturday’s Kingston’s annual Santa Claus Parade were disturbed by an intoxicated Grinch yelling that Santa isn’t real. Police arrested the man for being publicly drunk but couldn’t charge him for disillusioning children.

A 24-year-old Kingston man that was on probation was arrested at the Santa Claus Parade for public intoxication. He drew attention to himself by telling children that Santa wasn’t real. Families attending the parade reported the man to police. The Star reported he was described as having gelled hair that “looked like a set of devil horns protruding from his head.

The National Post reported Constable Steve Koopman, Kingston Police media relations officer, tweeted: “Arrested an intoxicated Grinch for trying to yell at kids that Santa’s not real! So misinformed. His heart must be many sizes too small!”
Koopman went on to speak to the NP, explaining “We’re not trying to be the morality police or the ethics police.” He described how the intoxicated man was shouting obscenities and disturbing families attending the parade. When the NP asked Koopman “There’s no charge for crushing children’s dreams?” he replied:

“Unfortunately not. Some people have been saying “We didn’t know police arrested for [what they say is] telling the truth.” Some us may disagree with that. In all honesty, he was disturbing everyone there on the thoroughfare, he was disturbing the families, obviously disturbing the children. We felt it very necessary to take him off the street and think the charges were warranted.”

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One Response to "Arrest For Saying Santa’s Not Real"

  1. bimbo says:

    I would just yell SANTA IS DEAD.

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