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Apryl Michelle Brown


Apryl Michelle Brown, I was reading the November issue of Essence Magazine where I stumbled across this story that not only made my heart stop but made my stomach turn as well. Meet Apryl Brown, a mother of two children whom a few years ago saw an opportunity to give her flat behind the shape she has always longed for. Her story took a big turn when the silicone that was injected into her behind began to harden. She tells Essence that when she researched similar side effects she stumbled across several “horror stories” that further resulted in amputation but she had hoped her case wasn’t that severe.

Brown before the injections

The article states that in 2004 Brown paid for the injections by an unlicensed person and by 2011 she had completed lifesaving amputation of ALL OF HER LIMBS. That’s right both legs and both arms, gone. Dr. Malcolm A. Roth said that buttock implantations are safer than silicone injections, which according to the article are banned by the FDA. Brown insisted that she could not recall how much the “injector” charged but she could recall in great detail both times that she visited this former ‘friend’. Brown stated that the first time she found herself lying face down excited about her new bum but due to the pain and not seeing results as quickly as anticipated she vowed to make her second series of injections her last.

By the time Brown did tell a licensed professional, a year later, she was turned down several times to have the silicone removed. Apparently the procedure itself is incredibly dangerous and could have led to horrible disfigurement. Interestingly enough when later discovered that the “injector” also told her that she was experiencing similar symptoms and she feared that medical attention would lead to her arrest. Brown said, “I knew it was black market I knew she wasn’t a doctor. I knew she wasn’t a nurse. I knew all those things. So I was disappointed in myself, never angry with her. I’m still not”

It was so difficult to read the article without passing judgment. It’s very easy to say how could she do something like this by someone who did not have a medical license, doing the procedure in the woman’s teenage daughter’s bedroom was SO SKETCHY, why didn’t she research silicone injections in advanced?? It essentially came down to cost and peer pressure which led to the gruesome series of events. Brown stated that she had been teased all her life about her “pancake” booty and led to big self esteem issues, she was also familiar with the cost of cosmetic procedures due to a previous breast reduction surgery she had. More than anything this story was so sad to me. This isn’t an unusual thing. Big bodacious booties are glamorized to the max and I can see how she got to this point but I just found this story to be so sad and feel that her trials should be shared. Hopefully her lose will bring more awareness to some of the crazy stuff that’s happening all over the country.

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