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Anna Paquin Baby Bump


Anna Paquin Baby Bump, Anna’s starting to show! Browse our gallery of the clever ways ‘True Blood’ helped her cover up this weekend.
Sookie Stackhouse may not be pregnant, but I’m officially putting her on bump watch. Anna Paquin‘s baby belly – she’s expecting twins with husband and co-star Stephen Moyer – finally made its debut on the Aug. 12 episode of True Blood, and I couldn’t help but notice all the classic TV tricks she employed to cover it up.

Here are the five instances I spotted:

1. Rather than her usual lingerie, Sookie opted for loose pajamas.

2. While snooping through Gran’s room, Sookie held a pillow in front of her.

3. Sookie sat behind a desk, further obstructed by a book, when she inquired about the scroll.

4. During Sookie’s ride-along with Jason (Ryan Kwanten), her seat looked noticeably lower than his, which put her safely behind the dashboard.

5. When Sookie visited the fairy club, she once again stood behind the safety of a table.

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