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Amanda Bynes Psychiatric


Amanda Bynes Psychiatric, The grim, slightly depressing saga of Amanda Bynes continues. Last night saw the conclusion of Bynes’ 72-hour involuntary hold for psychiatric evaluation, but at the last moment a judge granted a two-week extension so that medical professionals could take more time to properly assess her mental facilities. Additionally, Bynes’ mother Lynn Bynes has filed paperwork to become her temporary conservator and wrest control of Bynes’ shelter, medical needs, and finances from the 27-year-old should she be deemed mentally unfit; the Ventura County Superior Court has agreed to a special session today to grant or deny this request. [TMZ; RadarOnline]

More Bynes bits: The Daily Mail caught up with a 22-year-old former friend and neighbor of Bynes who suggested that Bynes has an unhealthy relationship with Adderall and has had very little meaningful contact with other human beings since last fall when her eccentricities first became a national fascination. Bynes has also apparently been kicked out of several hotels and apartments in recent weeks and returned to Southern California mostly because she’d run out of liquid assets. There had been some question about how Amanda Bynes traveled to Los Angeles from New York at all, but in a macabre twist it turns out she may have been furnished a plane ticket by Sam Lutfi, the sinister manager figure who presided over Britney Spears’ similar swan dive to rock-bottom all those years ago. [Daily Mail]

Finally, former The Amanda Show castmate and current Saturday Night Live star Taran Killam was asked about Bynes at the recent premiere for The To-Do List and he had this thoughtful response: “When I knew Amanda 10 years ago, she was a lovely, intelligent, funny girl. We lost touch, but I truly wish her all the best. I just want her to be healthy and OK.” Meanwhile, Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson decided today was a good day mock Bynes on Instagram. [E! Online; Us Weekly]

All right, let’s get back to frivolity and randiness, shall we? Prince Harry! Discusses the Royal Baby! And implies that he’ll be a bad influence on the child! All perfectly amusing things. It wasn’t so very long ago that the ginger prince showed the world his business during a boozy and floozy packed trip to Las Vegas, and now here he is, an official cool uncle to the future King of England. At a recent art opening during which we may presume Prince Harry was on his best behavior, he promised reporters that his primary function as uncle would be to make sure the Boy George “has fun.” One can only imagine what it would be like to have Prince Harry presiding over your fun levels. How many cartons of cigarettes will this child have choked down behind the Buckingham Palace pool house by age ten? How many top-notch birds will cross the threshold of his bedroom vestibule by age 15? How many small wars in the South Sandwich Islands will be started as a prank and then pinned on him by age 20? You never can tell with this crew, but if Prince Harry’s involved you know we’ll be in for a treat. [Us Weekly]

If you happen to have a fetish for veiny pillars of muscle outfitted in muttonchops, then you may want to lay down on your fainting couch for this one: Hugh Jackman told The Sun that he and his wife occasionally enjoy sexual congress while he’s dressed in full Wolverine regalia, including claws. “The sheets we go through…” hinted the extremely heterosexual star of the new X-Men spin-off The Wolverine, an obviously facetious quote nonetheless reported at face-value by both The Sun and Page Six. But why kill the fun? Let’s instead take a minute today and really, intensely visualize what happens when Hugh Jackman hypothetically makes sweet love to his wife while dressed as Wolverine. Does she wear a Jean Grey wig or is she more of a Dark Phoenix gal? Has Jackman ever growl-whispered the phrase “Guess what else is made of adamantium”? Exactly what part of his body makes the “Snikt!” noise during their lovemaking? What would this whole scene smell like? Red-blooded, pulse-pounding, mutant-DNA sensuality, that’s what. [Page Six; The Sun]

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