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Aleister Crowley Drug Addict


Aleister Crowley Drug Addict, The Diary of a Drug Fiend
This is a true story. . . It is a terrible story; but it is also a story of hope and of beauty. Written by Aleister Crowley, Diary of a Drug Fiend tells the story of young Peter Pendragon and his lover Louise Laleham, and their adventures traveling through Europe in a cocaine and heroin haze. The bohemian couples’ binges produce visions and poetic prophecies, but when their supply inevitably runs dry they find themselves faced with the reality of their drug addiction.

Through the guidance of King Lamus, a master adept, they use the application of practical Magick to free themselves from addiction. First published in 1922 and dubbed “a book for burning” by the papers of the time, Diary of a Drug Fiend reveals the poet, the lover, and the profound adept that was Aleister Crowley.
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Aleister Crowley’s first published novel was “Diary of a Drug Fiend.” The book was originally published in London in 1922. Although written over seventy-five years ago, the book is still relevant for today’s readers. The book paints a vivid picture of the mind of drug users. The drug user’s highs, lows, and sometimes strange thought patterns are described in great detail in this interesting book.
The infamous Aleister Crowley invokes a reaction with some people. Some say he was strange and went off the deep-end with his involvement in Magick, the practice of using various techniques to exert control over the forces of nature. If one is too close-minded to read this book because of the author’s reputation, he or she would be missing a great read.

This story is supposedly based on truth. False names were used to conceal the identities of the people in the book. For instance, Aleister Crowley is called Peter Pendragon in the book. Peter went to a pub and was socializing with some people he knew when he saw the woman that would change his life, Lou.

“Across the moaning body of the blackmailer, I was looking at the face of a girl that I had never seen before. And I said to myself, “Well, that’s all right, I’ve known you all my life.” And when I said to myself “my life,” I didn’t in the least mean my life as Peter Pendragon, I didn’t even mean a life extending through the centuries, I meant a different kind of life –something with which centuries have nothing whatever to do (Crowley 11).”

This truly eloquent description of Peter’s first glimpse of Lou reveals that Crowley was truly a master of language. The book is written in such a clever way that the reader continues to want more.

Basically, the story is of Peter falling madly in love with a woman named Lou. They run off to Paris and travel throughout Europe. Lou introduces Peter to cocaine and heroin and they quickly become dependent on the narcotics. When their supply of drugs runs out, the withdrawal troubles begin. Lou’s father, King Lamus, helps the two overcome their addiction by the application of practical Magick. Both Peter and Lou find their true purpose in life and live happily ever after.

“Diary of a Drug Fiend” would be a beneficial source of information for professionals involved with the psychology of addiction. Doctors, lawyers, police, and the average person would gain insight into the thought patterns of a drug addict from the first high, to the constant effort to regain the effects of the first high. The craving for the drug, and how it is the only thing the user thinks about when he or she does not have the drug for a period of time is covered thoroughly. How selfish and careless one becomes when he or she needs a fix is also mentioned in the book. Peter lost his love for Lou because he could only think of the drugs. He quickly knew this was wrong and constantly tried to regain his love for Lou.

If people are open-minded and enjoy challenging their beliefs, then “Diary of a Drug Fiend” may be the book to read. At the time of reading this book, I found many useful insights that could dramatically change one’s life contained within its pages. Overall, this book by Aleister Crowley is fantastic.

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