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60 Watt Bulb Ban


60 Watt Bulb Ban, For those who are fans of the traditional, yellowish glow of an incandescent light bulb, the time has come stock up.

We’ve already seen the 75-watt variety ushered out with a ban on manufacturing or importing them starting in 2013, but Jan. 1, 2014, starts the same process with 40- and 60-watt bulbs.

This is not to say the bulbs won’t be available into 2014 and perhaps beyond. Under the Energy Independence and Security Act, signed by President George W. Bush and upheld by Congress in 2011, stores are allowed to continue to sell the incandescent bulbs until the supply runs out.

The move forces consumers to switch to LED, compact fluorescent light bulbs and others, which are currently more expensive than the Thomas Edison-invented incandescents but are billed to be more efficient with a longer lifespan.

Many were upset at a federal regulation limiting consumer choice for a product that some feel doesn’t match up in terms of performance quality.

“Once all of our nation’s 4 billion screw-based sockets have an efficient bulb in them, U.S. consumers will save $13 billion and 30 large coal-burning power plants-worth of electricity a year. The savings really add up,” Noah Horowitz, senior scientist for the Natural Resources Defense Council told Yahoo recently.

Even though Americans have had years to warm up to the idea and technology is advancing to improve the performance of these alternative light bulbs, there are still those who aren’t on board.

“The soul doesn’t connect to LED, it’s a visceral reaction,” lighting designer Bentley Meeker told Yahoo. “Until the mid-1850s, the only light that humans were exposed to was daylight and firelight – incandescent bulbs have a color that is similar to firelight.”

He said he believes the more efficient light bulbs are too harsh for what the human eye is accustomed to.

As the familiar glow of incandescents disappears over time, there are a couple things one can do to achieve a comfortable result with alternative bulbs.

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