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16 And Pregnant Star Flees Florida


16 And Pregnant Star Flees Florida-> Season 3 of the hit MTV show 16 and Pregnant did not have a Teen Mom spin-off, as the seasons in the past did. Despite that, the network gave fans a chance to catch up with their favorite girls on Tuesday night. So, where are they now? You might be surprised! During her episode, Jamie McKay and her boyfriend, Ryan, have a tumultuous relationship which includes him cheating and showing up late to the birth of his daughter, Miah. Even though he had a bad past, Jamie took him back and he seems to have changed a lot for the better.

Taylor Lumas and her boyfriend, Nathan, have since split and Nathan has found a new girlfriend, but Taylor does not like their daughter, Aubri, to be around her.

Since the birth of their son, Kay’den, Kianna Randall and her boyfriend Zak have had it rough. Both have had run-ins with the law and now Zak is serving a 15-year prison sentence. Even though she is unable to see him, Kianna vows to stay faithful to her man. Luckily, Zak’s mother still visits with Kay’den.

After having another fight with Josh, the father of her twin sons, Jennifer Del Rio flees Florida and goes to Chicago. She and her boys, Josh and Noah, currently live there.

On Jordan Ward’s episode of 16 and Pregnant, fans were introduced to her twin sister, Jessica. The two girls were very close, but since having her son, Noah, Jordan has moved across country to be with her now husband, Brian, who joined the military. Not only that, but Jordan also got pregnant again and they now also have a daughter, Arri.

Despite not having his act together, Izabella Tovar’s boyfriend, Jairo, has managed to get his G.E.D, hold down a job, and buy a family car. Even though he is good to Izabella and their son, Enrique, she does question the relationship. She aspires to be a doctor.

Cleondra Carter and her boyfriend, Mario, had a physical altercation which resulted in a night in jail for each of them. They are still trying to make their relationship work for their daughter, Kylee, and Cleondra is in college pursuing her dream of being a photographer.

Perhaps one of the most memorable from the season is Kayla Jackson, who suffered an eating disorder. She has since been able to move into her own places that she, her friend, and Mike (her now ex-boyfriend) share. She likes that her son, Preston, gets to be around his father, but knows that the situation isn’t healthy. On top of everything, she works 70-80 hour weeks to make ends meet.

Danielle Cunningham says she lives with her father and that her mother is not a part of her life. She dropped out of high school, her baby’s father has gone to prison, and she doesn’t plan on having any more children for a long time.

Finally, there is Allie Mendoza. She finished high school in Texas, where she lived with her boyfriend, Joey. Upon graduating, she and her son Aydenn went home to New Jersey and has since met a man named Mike who very much wants to be a part of Aydenn’s life. Despite having what appears to be a strong relationship, the two split six weeks after filming.

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