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Baby Born After Mom Killed


Baby Born After Mom Killed, The accident scene where Nathan Glauber and Raizi Glauber were killed on their way to the hospital to have their first child. A young man and his pregnant wife were on the way to the hospital in Brooklyn early Sunday when the livery cab in which they were riding was struck by another vehicle, killing them both. Their child, a baby boy, was delivered after his mother’s death and survived, the police said.

The accident occurred shortly after midnight on Sunday at the intersection of Kent Avenue and Wilson Street in Williamsburg, the police said. After the crash, the driver of the other car, a BMW sedan, and another passenger fled on foot, the police said. They have not been found.

The cab’s driver was taken to Bellevue Hospital and is listed in serious condition.

The victims, Nathan Glauber and Raizi Glauber, were both 21, the police said. In their initial report, the police had spelled the couple’s last name as Gluber, but friends of the family said it was Glauber.

The force of the crash ejected Ms. Glauber from the vehicle, the police said. The couple was headed to Long Island College Hospital.

Yisroel Altman, 24, a salesman who lives in South Williamsburg, said he rushed to the scene shortly after the accident.

He said he saw emergency responders use metal cutters to remove Mr. Glauber, who was unconscious, from the back passenger door of the cab and try to revive him.

Mr. Altman said Ms. Glauber, who had been sitting behind the driver, was thrown from the vehicle and landed under a tractor-trailer parked on the north side of Kent Avenue.

On Sunday morning, debris, including a car bumper and blue medical gloves, remained under the tractor-trailer.

It was not clear initially why the couple was going to the hospital. Some friends of the family said that Ms. Glauber had gone into labor, but the police could not confirm this. There were also initial reports that the couple’s son was delivered at the scene of the collision, but the police said later that he was delivered at Bellevue Hospital, where Ms. Glauber was rushed for treatment.

Both victims were members of Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community. Isaac Abraham, a community leader in Williamsburg and a friend of Ms. Glauber’s parents, said the baby was the couple’s first child. Neighbors said the couple had been married over a year ago, and that Mr. Glauber was in school studying the Bible. Neighbors said Ms. Glauber’s family had a diamond business.

As of Sunday morning, their baby was listed in serious condition at Bellevue Hospital, Mr. Abraham said. The funeral for the parents was expected to be held Sunday afternoon.

Mr. Abraham said Brooklyn’s close-knit Orthodox community was rallying to help the family and that the welfare of the child was now the utmost concern.

“Most of the resources are going to the child to make sure he gets all the medical attention he needs,” Mr. Abraham said.

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